Jon is a rare find in a contractor: courteous, clean, and skilled. He has helped us on small and large projects, from fixing drawers to remodeling bathrooms. He shows up on time, works efficiently and cleans up the space at the end of each day. This alone was a refreshing change in working with contractors. He’s helpful in providing solutions and work that are effective as well as visually appealing. He’ll present options and ideas and talk through issues, which is helpful in making decisions as a homeowner. It has been a pleasure working with Jon.
Jen Donahue & Anthony Zapata
I take pleasure in writing reviews like this one. My name is Maureen Volante and I own a second home in Bellingham on Lake Whatcom. I am also a real estate broker in Los Angeles, CA since 1989. A large percentage of my business deals with home remodels and a great challenge throughout the years has been finding good, reliable, honest contractors. Anyone who has done a project of their own knows that the wrong contractor can ruin a marriage. It doesn’t have to be that way however, because the right contractor makes all the difference in the experience. That is where Jon Corriveau comes in. Jon remodeled my bathroom last year and we just finished up my kitchen remodel in January 2023. He did everything, top to bottom! Not only does he do it all, Jon shows up. On time at that. If for any reason he is running late, you are sure to receive a text saying so. His communication and work ethic are impeccable. He listens well and even offers suggestions, many of which I have found helpful. He’s great at navigating road blocks that might pop up along the way. Jon is a very hard worker and a good guy. He’s great at his craft. I would be more than happy to answer questions for anyone seeking the best remodeling/work experience.

Maureen Volante

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